Coffee & Canines

I thought it couldn’t get any better than my morning cup of coffee. That first jolt of goodness, with its smooth, slightly sweet introduction to the day, really sets the tone. Relax. Sip. Contemplate the day’s adventure. But I never imagined being able to enjoy that moment with my dog—inside a real coffee shop, that is.

Restaurants and dogs have long been incompatible, with a few exceptions—most notably those lovely al fresco cafes that allow dogs to share the outdoor dining experience if not the food. I’ve often thought the world would be a better place if more places allowed pets.

That’s why I was excited to learn about entrepreneur Sarah Wolfgang. This native Korean has opened The Dog Café in Los Angeles, a place where you can literally have coffee with the dogs—and maybe even meet your next lifetime companion.

The Dog Café is part café, where you can pick up your favorite dog-safe coffee or tea, and part dog zone, where you can visit with dogs or watch them at rest and play. It’s an amazing concept, described as a “halfway house where shelter dogs can revel in the attention of customers and potentially find a forever home.” Wolfgang brings shy or abused animals that might otherwise be passed by at the shelter. Through interaction with customers, the animals learn to trust again.

She has done a wonderful job of raising money through crowd funding for this innovative concept. It’s worth a look if you’re interested in supporting a rescue effort. Take a peek at to learn more.

As for me, on my next coffee break, I’ll be contemplating other wonderful ways that we can make the world a better place for our furry friends. It goes without saying that it makes the world a better place for us, too.




    1. I’ve always thought that LA was progressive in many ways. Now I can add that one to the list! Let me know if you do visit the Dog Cafe…

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