A Funny Thing Happened…

My dog Cisco was at it again, clawing at the laundry basket. It was filled with warm towels, fresh from the dryer. When he stuck his snout deep into the basket, I thought for sure he had lost his mind. (Was it possible that he was simply enjoying that Downy fresh scent?) But I knew better. I reached into the place he was looking and pulled out a bone.

This habit of his has been entertaining us for years. It always follows the same pattern. He gratefully accepts the bone, and then proceeds to carry it around the house. He walks into each room to assess the hiding potential. (Messy teenage girls’ rooms get preference; so do laundry rooms.)

But if you happen to catch him hiding his bone, he’ll stop. Cisco will give you a resigned look, the2016-04-04 12.18.50-2n pick up the bone and find another place. You can’t see where he hides it. It wouldn’t be any fun! Then, when he’s ready, he’ll dig out that bone and enjoy a nice leisurely chomp. Sometimes it’s later that day. Sometimes it’s days or weeks later. Sometimes he’ll forget about it altogether. Not a few spring cleanings have turned up a pile of bones!

Of course, once he hides it, he has no bone. He’s forced to watch his doggie brother Riley enjoying his own bone. Sometimes Cisco tries to take that one, too, but Riley won’t have it. (Neither will the humans policing this practice.) We ask, “Where’s Cisco’s bone?” And Cisco diligently goes to get the one he’s hidden. Of course, that starts the whole thing over. After all, he has a bone to hide.

Today, I gave Cisco a piece of cheese. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that rolled up like it was, it resembled a bone. Only when he started pacing around the house in that typical pattern did I notice. When he emerged “cheese-less” from my daughter’s room, I smiled. There was a basket of newly washed and dried clothes in there. Should I say something? Or let nature take its course? Either way, those future loads would be folded and put away—fast.

Does your dog or cat have a funny habit? I’d love to hear how they make you laugh. Please share in the comments.


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