Meet Courthouse Kitty!

There’s a regular at Middle Twp. Courthouse and it’s not a paid employee or a chronic offender in traffic court. It’s Courthouse Kitty, a gorgeous Tuxedo cat who prefers to spend his days “working” than lounging around. He’s often the first to arrive and the last to leave, logging long hours (but luckily not on taxpayer dollars). Courthouse doesn’t charge a dime for his services, which range from official greeter to judge’s assistant to therapist for the Courthouse employees and visitors. (Because who doesn’t feel better after a good cat cuddle…?)

Courthouse Kitty understands even the most chronic offenders who appear at the courthouse. Because this is also his second chance. Courthouse was a rescue kitty, lovingly adopted by Stephanie Bock and Michael Cronin, and their children Shaun, Noah and Evan.

“I had two boys and was pregnant with a third, and we had just moved from Philly to Cape May Court House,” said Stephanie. “I wanted to get a cat, but it had to be a very friendly cat who would becourthousekitty2 comfortable with small children.”

She and her husband visited the shelter in Cresthaven. “I literally went to every single cage and picked up every single cat,” confessed Stephanie. “Courthouse jumped into my arms and put his paws around me. He wasn’t really a kitten; he was almost to adulthood. We took him and his sister Roxy. We named him Courthouse and his sister Roxborough.”

That was December in 2011. The family kept the cats inside for the winter, but when spring came around, it was clear that they wanted to go outside. When they finally got the okay, Courthouse Kitty wandered over to the courthouse, just across the street—and the rest is history.

“He stands at the door in the mornings, and waits for someone to let him in,” said Stephanie. “Then he makes the rounds, visiting people in their offices, sitting on the conference table in meetings or by the judge during traffic court. Everyone from the mayor to the janitor knows this cat. People will stop us on the street when they find out that we’re his family, and tell us a story about Courthouse. He got so popular that we even made him a Facebook page.”

So now hundreds, if not a thousand, people are starting to follow Courthouse. “The mailman will report to me where Courthouse is and what he’s doing when he drops off our mail,” said Stephanie. “He’s brought so much fun to our lives.”

As for what the future holds, Courthouse Kitty seems content to work at the municipal level. Though in this election year, maybe someone can convince him to run for a higher office.

He’d have my vote.



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